About Shear

My brother and I wanted to develop a platform where people could offer their services and be able to manage their business in one centralized platform. We like the idea of classified ads for exchanging goods and services with other people, but we thought we could develop a more efficient way that encompasses the social nature of small businesses today. Connecting service providers directly to clients in real time, saves time, and increases productivity.

As a customer, you get to select what service provider you’d like to use. We have a star rating and review system so you can see how others have rated each service provider. As a service provider, you can send out and view multiple quotes at a time, and have an online profile for customer feedback and business information.

We believe in a two way feedback system, so both clients and service providers will be able to leave and receive feedback. We hope to keep developing our platform, and offering new services to both clients and service providers.

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